Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hate to break it to you....

But I've moved.

I'm now on Tumblr

I'm sorry Blogger-lovers.

Hopefully I can still keep this one and save all my old posts.


Monday, 27 February 2012

Rejection, Teetotalism and Fi

Hello Blog.

Ah I love you. I feel that I can talk to you, fill you with all sorts of crap, stories, whinging and woe, Blog, Just promise me you will never send me an email telling me I'm not good enough? that you'll use my name, or at least my nickname and never call me by a reference number?

Rejection eh? sucks big style. I've been watching my emails like a hawk and applying for jobs left right and centre, even one's that I don't really want, I mean a job is a job, I just need something to fill a gap until I get back into youthwork. But all I've had this week is rejection emails. seriously like 3 in one week. and they all say the same thing, but at the same time don't say ANYTHING.

'Dear Applicant 5*566,
Thanks for your application, we've received a large amount of applications for the position of: 'Shit Shoveller'
Unfortunatly, other applicants were either more suited to the role or your application was judged unsuitable.
Sincerely, shit shovellers r us.
P.s. do not reply to this email, we cannot provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.
 In other news,

The my vow to give up alcohol for lent has gone really well so far, although I totally could have had a drink after my third rejection.

I was watching a band in the pub on Friday, Ska Face, they're really cool ska type cover band, did lots of jumping about and arm waving and water drinking. This couple were sat next to us and they looked at me funny and asked 'Are you really on water or is that a pint of Vodka?' and gave me a funny look. So I told them about going teetotal for lent and they looked so confused. Then they started telling me how they only eat meat on the weekend, So I told them I've been Vegetarian for 16 years. hah.

So now, another week of applying, being rejected and not eating crisps.

It's all good.

Fi x